Tips for Linux Screenshots (Mint/Cinnamon)

If you are running Cinnamon on Mint (or other Linux), and you use a Mac keyboard, you’ve run into the missing Print Screen button when you wanted to grab a screenshot. You may not be aware, but you can remap the capture keys to use the F14 key (where the “prt-scn” key is normally) in the keyboard settings.

Open the Applications menu
Select “Preferences”
Select “Keyboard”
In the Keyboard settings dialog, select “Shortcuts”
Expand “System” and select “Screenshots and Recording”
Select each of the shortcuts you want to change and click the top binding entry:

I leave the macros (none, alt, shift) as they are and just change the “Print” to use F14, which is “Launch5”.

Also, you can record the screen using CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-R. This will record everything on your main display in webm format. Great for local playback, but you’ll need to transcode it with something like ffmpeg to get it into a format that you can use in Resolve, Vegas, Premiere Pro, or FCP X.

Thanks for sharing this tip!

Just tested, and you can’t embed a webm file into the forum …