Tip of the Day: Create an ICO on OS X

Hi all,

On OS X, you have Preview to deal with images, icons, pdf, etc.

So, to export as .ico an image file (your OS X application’s Icon):

a. Load your OS X Icon, (if it is in icns mode, choose directly the 256 x 256 image, copy it cmd-n to get a new document with it and go to step e),
b. Press cmd-shift-s to get a copy of it,
c. Close the original image,
d. Resize the copy to 256 x 256,
e. In the File Menu, select Export…
f. Press the PopupMenu with the option (alt) key down,
g. Choose Microsoft Icon,
h. Choose a location, set a file name and press return (click in the Save button).

You’re done !

Nota: if your image is larger / taller than 256 x 256, you will get an error message (cryped ?), nothing will be saved.

PS: now, you are free to pay for a specialized software to create an ICO file from your application icon.

The Windows ico format doesn’t allow an icon larger than 256x256 (8-bit).

Yes Sam, I discovered that yesterday. But, years ago, Preview was able to save as ico… in fact, I used it many times, but I do not recall the size of the images (they may be larger thus my surprise days ago). When I needed an ico days ago, I found a web site who makes the conversion.

Then, my brain was certainly concentrated on that problem (cause I had troubles doing anything else) 'till earlier when that crazy idea comes to mind: “What if ico format is limited to 256 x 256 ?”. I tried, rest is history.

Pressing the option key while the PopupMenu is down: I know that since Apple removed many export file types.