Tip for failed building process / missing App Store provisioning profile

Hello Community,

today I had a problem to build my iOS for the App Store. The build process failed with a message box about a missing App Store provisioning profile.

In my Apple developer account all necessary certificates / provisioning profiles were created.
Also in Xcode my developer account was setup properly and the certificates and provisioning profiles were downloaded.

In this forum I saw some hints to delete the certificates / provisioning profiles, create them new and download them new.
I tried to look for a solution where I do not need to delete and re-create these.

In my research I saw that the certificates / provisioning profiles are stored in

/Users/<USER>/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles

Here I saw that there were new and old files. I closed Xojo and Xcode. Deleted all entries here. Started Xcode. Downloaded my existing certificates / provisioning profiles via Xcode (Preferences -> Accounts -> Download Manual Profiles). 2 files were downloaded and saved in this location.

With the following command you can check the content of these files:

security cms -D -i <FILENAME>.mobileprovision

I started Xojo and build my iOS App again. Voila. No problems.

I hope this information is useful for some of you in such a situation.