TinyMCE Web-HTML-Editor for you


last days I spend to implement the TinyMCE Editor into a custom Control of Xojo WebApps.

I used the WebSDK first time, so there were a lot of problems to solve.

But! The result is usable!

You can Download the TestProject with the Control from here.

The using is quite simple:
1.) Upload the tinyMCE-folder to your Webserver
2.) In the Control there is a property named ‘ScriptLocation’
-> Replace the default with the location of the tinymce-folder you’ve uploaded
3.) to set the html-content use

DOIT_TinyMCE1.html = "<b>your html</b>

4.) to get the current html you have to do 2 steps:
4.1) call the method DOIT_TinyMCE1.ValidateHTML - this takes the html-content from the control into the html-property
4.2) If the html-content is send back to the server, the event ‘HTMLready’ fires and you can use the html-property. Cause all in the web is asyncronious, I had to go this way. Best you do subscribe to this event in the control of your webpage.

Check the testproject!

For advanced Users:
In the tinyMCE-Folder, there is a file named “tinymce1.js”. This is the configuration of the control. If you want to config your tinymce-editor by yourself, you have to read the instructions on the website of tinymce.

I hope you enjoy the using or do improve this project. That would be nice!

Greetings. Lars

Maybe put it on GitHub?

Ya, I’ll do it later!

Ohh and! Don’t forget the HTML-Header in your App!



Also replace the src-link with your uploaded tinymce-folder-link!


Is this implementation dead and gone?