Timers and msgbox Windows

I have a windows app which has just randomly stopped working. I have a timer on a page which was firing normally, all of a sudden after a few days work the timer stops, oddly msgbox’s also stop displaying. The same app works fine in OSX but for some reason windows after a few minutes stop all timers and dialog boxes, has anyone seen this?

If your application hangs, timers will stop firing as well. I have observed timers stopped by while/wend loops, for instance.

Difficult to say more without having any idea of the code involved.

Some things work differently enough in Windows and Mac OS X. Sometimes an app that works in Mac OS X does not work in Windows for a very simple but unobvious reason.

What you describe simply does not make sense if indeed Page does show. The only explanation why the msgbox would not pop in the Open event would be that something coming before would prevent it from happening. Or that the Open event simply would not fire.

Here is a bug where something analogous happened where after an uncaught out of bound error, subsequent execution of the Open event did not occur : https://forum.xojo.com/14297-is-this-a-bug-window-opening-not-firing-open-event

The bug described above has been fixed since, and it manifested on Mac OS X, but it could be the same kind of case here. First thing I would do is to try to see if the Page Open event does fire, by placing as first line in there :

System.debugLog "Open even fired"

If for some reason Open does not fire, then other events may be prevented to happen. If the timer is on Page, it could be affected as well. Then the source of the bug would be before you Page.Show. And the mystery starts …

In the thread I posted the link to, I have used the Mac OS X Console to track the events. Windows has the equivalent. It is a lot less friendly, though : http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/226084-event-viewer-open-use-windows-7-a.html

I remember years ago I had an issue with a timer that ran for too long so I reset the mode (off then on) inside the Action event and the issue disappeared.

The most innocent of comments can provide so much greatness! This has resolved a Windows timer-based issue that I was running into. If I jiggled the window with the mouse, the timer fired a bit more reliably. It appears that a Mode 2 setting is a problem.

I’m updating a feedback report with this little tidbit.