Timer question

Trying to understand the timer function, not with respect to a visible clock or a progress bar.

I am in a window. I want to click a button, which opens and displays a second window , say window2, for 10 seconds, then window2 closes.

I understand hanging the action on the button, and the window2.show command.

What else do I include for the timer, before generating the window2.close action?

— I am thinking I need to specify the interval, the mode of the timer, and start the timer, from what I have read, but the code, and the order of code, evades me.

Thanks, John

place the timer on window2… activate it in the SHOW event, and have the timer action Close the window
all the button on Window1 has to do is show window2, Window2 then takes care of itself.

That makes sense. Thanks Dave.

Just s follow up - working good !