Time of Day from Date Question

I have code that I’m sure has worked previously. However, in 17r1.1 under Windows 10, I’m getting odd results. I’m simply getting a new date and performing math on its TotalSeconds to get the time:

Dim eTime As New Date Dim sTime As String sTime = Format(eTime.TotalSeconds / 3600, "00") + ":" + Format((eTime.TotalSeconds Mod 3600) / 60, "00") + ":" + Format(eTime.TotalSeconds Mod 60, "00")
However, I’m ending up with some very odd values - 99234 - for the hour.

What has my mind glossed over there?

well since totalseconds is the time since the epoch totalseconds / 3600 should be an enormous value

what is wrong with




The number of seconds since 12:00AM, January 1, 1904.
interesting that UNIX uses 1970 not 1904

And it is and I was trying to use a elapsed time counter’s code for the wrong thing. Simply grabbing .Hour, .Minute, and .Second is what I REALLY wanted to do.