Time for a game, anyone?

Just in time for the end of XDC I finished most of the documentation for an iOSLib extension I prepared:



Here’s the link:

Please note you need to include the iOSLib folder from https://github.com/UBogun/Xojo-iosLib too.

Ulrich - This is fantastic. Thank you. Can’t wait to dive in to this. All the time I’ve spent in SpriteKit with Swift will hopefully pay off :slight_smile:

SpriteKit, Wow!

You’re all very welcome. Please let me know what’s missing and what could be simplified.

I haven’t tried that much, Dave – just made most of it during the last week. There will probably be some bugs anyway – feel free to post issues.

The temporary name was a bit misleading. In case you cannot find the repository anymore (sorry!):

Argh! It seems to me in fixing a few things I fixed a few things too much – SpriteKit runs but doesn’t show currently. Or is it just my simulator running wild? Can you use it currently?

EDIT: Seems to be fixed now. I included iOSLib now – whenever I removed it and inserted from the original project, SpriteKit came up with a blank view. Please let me know if it works for you.
Sorry for the issues. As a bonus SKPhysicsJoints are now included.

EDIIT II: And SKConstraints/SKReachConstraints with SKRange too. I had a hard time with SourceTree and I am still unsure if the project works. It seems to deliver the right files when you clone it, but a ZIP download produces a lot of obsolete files. I’d be grateful for a hint if the project is working.
Thanks a lot!