Tim Parnell Announces the Newest Version of ARGen

Rochester, NY – Tim Parnell is excited to announce the newest version of ARGen. The interface has been completely reimagined, and ARGen is easier to use than ever before! The ActiveRecord library now supports API 2.0, and ARGen can now prepare API 2.0 projects.

ARGen generates Xojo code classes and user interface elements to interact with databases with Xojo code rather than SQL. Save time and write less code by taking advantage of the ActiveRecord library which abstracts database interaction. ARGen creates the classes necessary to use ActiveRecord from an existing database schema.

Key new features in the latest ARGen include:

  • API 2.0 framework support
  • Multiple database connections in one project
  • Verify class properties still exist in the database
  • Foreign keys that are nil are inserted as NULL values
  • Xojo Console project type
  • Easily switch between project frameworks in one spot

Existing ARGen customers have been emailed an upgrade discount offer. Customers who purchased ARGen directly since the transfer have been emailed a free upgrade offer. If you have not received an offer and are expecting one, please don’t hesitate to email workshop@timi.me

For more information and to download the latest version, visit https://strawberrysw.com/argen