Tim Dietrich Launches PromoStandards JSON API Service

Xojo developer Tim Dietrich has launched the PromoStandards JSON API, a service that provides developers with an alternative, JSON-based interface to PromoStandards.

“PromoStandards is a collaborative effort by some of the leading companies in the promotional products industry to standardize how data is communicated,” said Tim. “The goal is to reduce friction in the industry’s business processes, which benefits suppliers, distributors, and customers alike. The promotional products industry is massive, with 2017 sales of $23.3 billion. So even the slightest increase in efficiency can have dramatic results.”

PromoStandards uses SOAP as its messaging protocol, which can be problematic for developers who aren’t familiar with the technology. With the PromoStandards JSON API Service, developers can send simple JSON requests, and receive JSON responses as well.

“My hope in providing this service is that it will be easier for developers to use PromoStandards, and that adoption of the standards will be accelerated,” said Tim.

Tim developed the API using Xojo and Aloe Express, a popular open-source Xojo Web server module.

For more information on the PromoStandards JSON API Service, visit https://json.promoproducts.io.