Tile Window to Left/Right of Screen

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Most all MacOS apps have these menu items to let you enter split screen. How can I implement this in a MacOS app?

I notice that my app and Xojo IDE already have this functionality available by default by hovering over the green stoplight icon on the window.

I wrote about it on my blog. Let the macOS manage your Window menu

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This is a real surprise to me: I never saw that on my M1 MBP (nor in the Intel(s) I use before that nor with the PowerPC PowerBooks nor with the Motorola desktop Macs nor… - no, I never owned a Lisa - :rofl:).

When I read Sam’s Blog entry, I understand what you meant.

Nota: for some unknow reason, my external monitor (21" Philips) is worling fine with my Intel MBP (MacBook Pro), but fails to display anything with my M1 MBP: this explains why I do not understand what you wrote about.

So, please, always add your Software / Hardware conditions in your questions, so readers may understand it.

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Thanks Sam! I’ll check it out!

So Sam’s solution is not working your your M1?

I do not know, I do not have an external monitor to test with.

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