Threads, HTMLViewer & Progress Bar

For all maybe simple but for me just headage :slight_smile:
Ok I have:
URLText1, Progressbar1,HTMLViewer1,StatusField, and also ThreadsTextField1.with UpDownArrows1,StartButton, StopButton,Timer1, TotalHitstextfield with UpDownArrows2

I want to make this:

  1. I enter my website in URLText1,
  2. I enter how many times hits will refresh url addresse in htmlviewer
  3. I choose number of Threads it is working with UpDownArrows1 control (up to 10)
  4. I hit Start and it will load at the same time all threads in HTMLViewer with updating how many hits in statustextfield with progress bar

I can make simple viewer and progress bar with status but more then that it’s too hard :’(
PS: I could also pay some fees for your time to make that code to i can analize and learn faster, please.


Where do the threads come in? Will you have multiple htmlviewers? Your description isn’t very clear.

Thank you for reply :slight_smile:
well…i dont know what is possible, well if in one htmlviewer then is ok but i can not imagine how it will be…hmm…
what you suggest? thank you

OK. What do you mean by “number of hits”? What are you measuring? It might be better to use an HTTPSocket instead of a viewer. But I don’t know what you’re trying to do.

I heard aboput httpsocket but i dont know to do :’(
I try to make simple blog increaser that will increase my page counter in footer :smiley:
…well I know its stupid as i can do it with firefox refresh every… but i try to leanr this program…so well it will be url increaser.
Any suggestion on how to make it work ?
Thank you

I think the socket is the way to go. Sockets operate asynchronously, so you can have several of them operating at the same time without having to deal with threads. The syntax is very simple. To test it out, create a single property of the window of type HTTPSocket. Eg., http as HTTPSocket. Put a button on the window and add an Action event handler with

http = New HTTPSocket
http.Get("your url here")

Press the button a few times (give it a few seconds between each) and see if the count increases on your site. If that works, then we’ll look at how to make an array of sockets all pounding on your site, churning up the count.

OK SIR! I GO FOR IT right afetr my tea :smiley: thanks

It does not update counter :frowning:

I create a property: Declaration: http As :HTTPSocket = (here i put nothing)
then i add Bevenbutton and in action i add:

http = New HTTPSocket http.Get("")
then I press button 10times about in 1min after i reload page and check footer counter, not increased

Sorry. But it was worth a shot. If I come up with anything else, I’ll let you know.

:frowning: that’s all? …well ok thanks anyway

Correct results:
in the event of action button:

[code] Dim http As New HTTPSocket
MsgBox(http.Get(“”, 30))

http.Yield = True[/code]

I also needed imported “object” and put him name socket1 and Super= HTTPSocket

with the property sure, but it doest increase the page counter, however it get the http page but not refresh in background.
I leanr fast so dont worry i will figure out as i found many mbs examples now and testing.
Good Sunday