Thread.StackSize maximum value?

What is the maximum value for Thread.StackSize ?
Default is 512KB (I suppose $80000 = 524288 , why not round hex value ?).
One of my program synchronise two folders and is recursive in subfolders. Since I updated it to API2 I have users complain that it forget some files, and I have the problem too.
I did set the StackSize to 8388608 ($800000 , 16 time more, I put round hex value) but my program stop as if it finish without error, but it doesn’t as files to be synched aren’t. I know it because if I synced subfolders those files were copied.
If I set the StackSize to 1048576 ($100000) I got the StackOverFlow. If I increase it to $200000 I don’t.

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