Hey all,

Trying to make a new build to get rid of the exception error my app is throwing with Apple’s latest rapid security fix. Now I have another problem. I’m getting a compile error of

LaunchingScreen.LoadThread.Name Layout (property name)
Type "Thread" has no member named "DebugIdentifier"

Launching Screen is a regular mobile screen (It is not Launch Screen). I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the thread. No joy. Xojo 2023r1.


Sounds like something messed up the project.
DebugIdentifier is a property for a thread in Xojo 2023r1.
Maybe the IDE added it and now is confused.

If you save as text format, you may just remove it.

If 2023r1 is adding it, then why is it saying it’s an invalid property?

Trying 2023r1.1 to see if that fixes it…

DebugIdentifier seems to be a desktop only property.
So if the IDE adds it in the internal initialization code for you in an iOS project, that is bad.
You may fill a bug.

OK. Not sure how to duplicate it. I downloaded and installed 2023r1.1 and it’s not happening any more…

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Happened to me too.
I restarted Xojo and the problem didn’t happen again.

Looks like it only happens if a Desktop project was first created before opening an iOS project.

I have this suddenly happening too. Very odd.