This method is protected. It can only be called from within its class

Here’s another error that I see quite a lot of times, but never quite pin down what causes it (or at least I’ve forgotten what I did to fix it last time).


The obvious would be trying to call a protected method - but the message is not indicating a method visible to me.

If you click on the error will it go to the code?

Perhaps look inside a ccPageView you have your probably calling a non-existent method or protected method somewhere there

It just goes to the ccPageView1 which is a container control embedded in ccMain. But doesn’t go to any method within ccPageView. This is the only error being flagged by the IDE. It seems to point to the Name of the ccPageView - but nothing is calling that.

Ah, now I found it. Constructor was local! Duh! At least I now have a record for next time.

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