This item does not exists (a set of Properties in a Module)

I created a module (Example: mProperties_1) where I stored 60 Properties (Example: w1a_01b_Name)


This tooks time as we all know.

Now, In the Deactivate Event of the window where that Data is user stored, the code below (a) does not autocomplete (it’s a clue) returns at compile time (b):

(a) mProperties_1.w1a_01a_Name = Self.TF_Name.Text // TF_Nam+Tab autocomplete !

(b) This item does not exists

Every good advice is welcome.

Strange: this module have a Super !

I add a Module (I named it mProperties),
I selected everything in the offending “module” (the selected color must be blue [the selected color]),
Copy them,
Paste in the real mProperties Module,
Add a new Property in the Activate Event + Tab and get a list of properties !

If something like that happens to you, remember to check if your Module have a Super (what you think was your Module).

Modules don’t have a Super. You must have created a class.

Certainly Tim.

Now, internally, both are similar: only a byte difference (Values are 0 / 1).

I spend some times to add the Properties, do something else to “clear” my brain, then resume later and so on. It is a boring process.

And, when I realized that, it tooks me some seconds to squash the bug.