This is the Icon to represent a Picture Property

I was refactoring (trying to) a window and was starting with the Window Properties.

“” icon for a String: OK (but… what is its use in this window ?)
image icon for a Picture ??? [No, I do not use 3D Pictures :slight_smile: ]
And this is displayed two times its real size (Retina screen shot).
I had to select that entry and read in the Properties pane to know it is a Picture (exactly what I was searching. *

Do you really think this is representative to the Picture Class ?

Xojo: you made efforts to modify the IDE user interface, but here there is a small change to do, please.

  • And because we cannot (to date) sort the Properties to fit my needs (point of view), I will prefix my three Pictures, so they will be stored together… easier to find.

The cube icon represents a class – any class, including pictures.

So, not informative at all.

Admittedly not very informative, but then, for how many classes do want a specific icon? Even if just all the predefined classes had their own icon I doubt these could be easily distinguished.


The cube icon is legacy for the RB times, so… You only realized now after decades of that being the icon for most classes?

I did not care previously.

After getting surgeon on my left eye in last October end, I look at thngs a bit differently (I have t stay a bt longer to understand) :slight_smile:

And, after all, they replaced the red circle Break Point in the debugger, so why not doing the same here…

LOL the icon of a BUG for the DEbugger was not really a great improvement


Why not just turn on property types in the navigator?

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That’s it ! Great.

Thank you Thom.

I do not do that before because I do not knew it was possible doing that :frowning:

I forgot: here some examples of icon that can fit to represent a Canvas:

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