This is sad - RB/Xojo no longer supported by Phidgets

I just found out:
It is sad because Phidgets offers great robotic stuff. I purchased USB motor controllers from them and was able to control them from RB in minutes…

In this page , at the bottom is a legacy language :-/

They also write: If you have an existing code base in these languages and the legacy status of these languages is a serious inconvenience, please Contact Us.

They have dozens of products, cards, sensors, controllers, motors…etc… each product offers code samples like at the bottom right… no Xojo in any page.

I post this in case people here are interested in adding source code to Phidget page. Xojo is a great platform for Phidget programming.

Note that I have no relation with that company, I am just a casual user.

Perhaps they put it on their legacy list because “RealBasic/Studio” no longer exist? and they are not aware of XOJO?

Can probably use declares into the DLL’s or use the C code to compile a plugin

Yes, you can use declares, I did it, it is extremely easy. I actually developed a library to handle servo motors with no problems at all. However they have decided to remove RB/Xojo… Perhaps as Dave says it may be because they are not aware of the change. Right now I am very busy but I will consider sending them my code… It is a good example …

We have a MBS Plugin with classes for Phidgets for years now.
You could try them.

That’s not the point. The question is that RealBasic is no longer listed and Xojo either.