Thin dotted column divider

Upgraded my iMac to 10.13.4 and noticed listbox columns have lost their dividers. I tend to use thin dotted and they are no longer visible either in the IDE or built applications. Affects even applications built on previous versions of the OS and Xojo.
I’ve tried turning off the background paint (used to give the rows alternate colours). Doesn’t help.

Anyone else noticed this and any ideas on how to sort it. I’m guessing it’s on OS issue rather than Xojo.

I’ve check and the thin solid line shows but looks awful.
Running Xojo 2017v3.


See this thread!

You use two alternate background colors; you set the column width as defined number of pixels; iif you get a white column at the rightmost part of the Listbox: it’s a know bug.

A simple refresh will color that part.