The Xojo community

Recently I was working with a kid who wants to learn programing with Xojo.

He is extremely shy and does not wish to make a fool of himself. So shy that he was afraid to ask a question on the forum, even in the “Getting Started” sub. He has spent many hours trying to learn solely form tutorials and the language reference.

Together we posted a simple question in getting started.

@Tim Parnell gets a gold star not only for answering the simple question but doing so in under 5 minutes, referencing the manual and not belittling anyone.

I think it is useful to document that the Xojo community lacks the abrasive, rude, self-righteous that anonymity brings to most of the internet.

I don’t like your attitude…

Huh? Whats not to like?

That was irony to show you that we can do abrasive, rude, self-righteous if we want.

Sometimes you just have to imagine the smiley or wink.

I always imaging the smile or wink! Just the mere fact that so many are willing to help those that they don’t know, have no benefit from their work (aside from a warm heart) and in general are just kind, probably because we have all been “there”.

Tell your kiddo that there is nothing ever wrong with a kind respectful question or answer. Afterall, we don’t learn and grow alone - we all do it with the help and training from others. If he/she feels disrespected or put down, just go with it, most often it is a moron performing the put down.

The kiddo should know that they are certainly not stupid, for the only stupid question - was the one that was never asked!

Keep up the great mentoring Jay!

Well done @Tim Seyfarth :slight_smile:

Thanks for my gold star! I’mma put it right up there ^

Absolutely agree. And don’t forget Sam! (The list goes on…)

Gratz :wink: