The web page slows or freezes a few seconds

Hello all,

Sometimes, especially in debug mode, the reactivity of the webPage is slow or freezes a few seconds (regardless of the browser). Anyone has had this problem?

Oddly, this happens especially in LAN and even on the Mac on which I run the application. I am the only user, the firewall is disabled, this is really weird. The problem happens much less often with my remote server (Windows, Standalone)!

For example:

I have a Label on my web page. In the MouseUp event of the label, I change the text of another label. When I click on the label, everything works nine times out of ten, but from time to time, changing text will take a few seconds to appear. I do not know why. This is not a problem of latency, busy network, busy application, since I am the only one to use during testing.

The problem can occur on any of my pages and any Label. But it is very random.

i have the same problem…
i use mac book pro Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 with OS X 10.9.1 (13B3116)
rs latest edition and acces to local mysql server
in most cases the app stop/freeze, i click to example sequel pro, then turn on browser (chrome) and the app re live …

The principal problem is code like that is server bound. If you were to change the labels value client side it would be much faster. However the server wouldn’t know about the change. Right now the javascript makes a round trip to the server to say “what should I do” and it replies “change that label”. This is normally fine but on mouse events where the mouse moves a lot it can get pretty slow.

@olivier vidal - what OS are you using? Mavericks? If so, it could be an AppNap problem, either with the IDE or the app being built.

Thank you all three!

Greg, is actually Maverick, but I had the problem with the Lions.

Jury, you had the problem before Maverick?

In my case, the application or web page is never blocked permanently. But sometimes the result of the server is slow to arrive, no particular reason. While the server is on the same Mac as the client and I am the only user.

Thank you Phillip.

I created a sort of virtual keyboard on the web page. So yes, if I click on a letter (a Label = a letter on the virtual keyboard), then another, then another, the events are linked together rather quickly. As I tested the browser locally, the sequence is very fast. The problem may be here?

I handle only the mouseUp event of Label, not MouseDown, mouseMove, mouseEnter … In this case, even if the user moves the mouse a lot, it should not slow down processing?

before my new macbook pro 15 i7 , i had mac book pro 13 i7 with maveriks (but upgrated) and this problem was not present.
i use db server, webApp (in debugging mode), browser client all on my macbook contemporaney.
but i use Real studio latest version.

To lighten the Maverick issues mood…

I have to many issues with my Macbook and usually use it as a paper weight…

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Why aren’t most Mac users (apart from developers) computer literate? (Comes from statistics)
Because they don’t own a PC :slight_smile: (most people buy macs for the illusion of status).

What do you do with an obsolete Mac?
I dunno, but whatever you do, don’t buy it off the shelf :slight_smile: Haha

back to business. …

I’m disappointed with Maverick as well. Don’t think Xojo is the issue. Have found most socket based applications are sluggish on Maverick (try a Java or python based http server demo from the Web run locally to see what I mean). Perhaps mac is using new socket libraries (or buggy ones)?

If you’ve only implemented MouseUp, then only those events should be transmitted by the browser.

@olivier vidal -I would be interested to know how long this delay is. Is it a second? Several seconds? A minute?

The reason I ask is that the length of time could point us to different parts of the framework if it really is a bug.

a priori, it is still quite short: one, two, or three seconds, it’s variable, sometimes it’s maybe half a second. It’s very random, it can be on any label (I only use Labels).