The very first Web page

Here’s a curiosity: the very first ever Web page. It’s still online at:

Hardly the last word in snazzy Web design, though.

Clean design, loads fast, works across all browsers.
The future is here :wink:

I like the fresh new, crisp contrast of the black text on white background. The garish blue links will never catch on though.

Perfect. Nothing to change.

Now, there is this little detail that we could improve upon. It is nothing, really. I’m sure you will agree with me.

We could have the pictures of each contributor appearing for a few seconds one after the other. We could also have a menu bar at the top to navigate easier, with pictures of the destination page kept up to date, of course. We should remove all that black text because it is a bit harsh. Replace it with an audio file that starts when the user moves the mouse over a hot spot on the page. And a few dancing kittens at the bottom of the page. Everyone loves kittens.

I love it. Brings me back to the good ol’ days…

People forget what Hyper TEXT Transfer Protocol means…

I was wondering what web 3.0 would look like :stuck_out_tongue: