The URL does not use a recognized protocol

I’m getting an exception in 2023R4 debugger from HandleURL saying “The URL does not use a recognized protocol” which is totally weird because I am reusing the exact same code from an app that was compiled in an earlier 2023 version and it works just fine. Is there a bug that has cropped up in R4? I searched for this error but came up empty.

Can you share more details? sample code?
Please create an issue soon, maybe it can be fixed for next release.

As I was putting together more details I found the source of the problem. I had 2 URL variables for some reason and the one I used in my HandleURL request was an older one and not the one I was using. The one I was using was empty. Problem solved. Operator error. FACE PALM

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“PEBKAC” - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. :slight_smile:

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