The two ListBox modes


I spent many times these last days on a trouble I have with ListBox.

Essentially, they were two: one with the Horizontal Scrollbar, the second with Properties in the Inspector pane. U will talk to the former here.

The Language Reference states for ListBox two modes in an obscure part: Resizing Columns (obscure to me).

As far as my testings goes, here we are:

The ListBox default mode is Mode 1.

• Mode 1
The columns can be resized, but all columns will be displayed even with a width of 1 pixel ! No Horizontal ScrollBar is needed in this mode (so they will never be displayed).

ColumnWidths: 33%,33%,33% ColumnWidths: *,33%,33%
Some says: nothing in the field means mode 1 (and I do not understand because I never memoryze: ListBox can have two modes.

• Mode 2
The columns can be resized, but one or more columns can be out of vies. In that case, you need to and are allowed to use an Horizontal ScrollBar. The Horizontal ScrollBar will be displayed.

ColumnWidths: 150,150,150 ScrollBarHorizontal: ON

A property called AutoHideScrollBars exists. It may be a good idea to put it to OFF.
I’ve just checked: the value of AutoHideScrollBars does not matter !

So, for me, this trouble is over: no bug involved here, but a “too fast read mode” and I do not learn / noticed what’s was there, in the docs.