The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server

Hi Guys,

Maybe you encountered the same problem


  1. I made a xojo web app which requires information entry and taking picture via webcam.
  2. I put a button there that once clicked, it trigger SHOWURL to transfer the page to a PHP program.
  3. This PHP application will enable user capture a photo via webcam
  4. From PHP, there is an UPLOAD button there that when clicked, it will transfer back to my data entry xojo screen (via post method).
  5. My data entry web app use URLParameter to capture the element and parameter. Included in the URLParameter is the picture converted to base64 string.

On my local pc, the FLOW OF PROGRAM work fine but when running to cloud server it show error
“The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.”

Any suggestion how to fix it?

Use Post instead. You will have to refactor your php as well.

Hi Michel,

Thanks for recommendation, can you guide me on this?
how to handle POST method from php to xojo so that I can retrieved the data back to my data entry form?

Please help.

Yes Michel,

I understand the POST method of php.

Maybe you can give me clue on how to handle the data in xojo, after the post method of php.?
So that my data entry screen can retrieve the picture string (base64)

I really appreciate you help.

What you want to do, is to POST the data to your php script. Now you have a tutorial to receive it with your php.

In Xojo, Post is as simple as the example here :

Hi Michel,

My objective are:

  1. I created a data entry screen from xojo webform, I use SHOWURL to transfer the page to a PHP page TO CAPTURE PHOTO from webcam.
  2. once the photo capture is done, PHP will go back to xojo webform together with the photo
  3. xojo web app will display the picture.

If PHP post the picture string to xojo, How to received it and paste to the current xojo webform?

Use HandleURL or HandleSpeciaURL.

thank you Michel,

But I can’t understand too much on each link you provided. Unless maybe if I found a pseudo code or actual sample for me to study.

Ronaldo, you have to put some effort into it, sometimes, instead of asking people to write code for you, or you will never learn.

The PHP link bears three example codes, the last one being what you need to get the picture, and the second one the way to get the picture back.

The thread about getting post data is detailed, but you can very well ask more details there. If you keep asking around in several threads, as well, without making the effort to sustain a conversation, that discourages anybody to assist.

I am done. Good luck.

Thanks for the effort Michel.

Keep sharing your knowledge. Its a blessing.

By the way, finding WEBCAM for xojo is my main issue before.
There are some solutions out there but it was abandoned.
Then I try to find alternative and come into this point.