The PI never stops


Raspberry Pi.


The perspective is a bit frightening – attack of the mutant Raspberries. But besides, looks great!

Sorta looks like a pink grenade to me…

My wife also loves raspberry , on pi(e) …

Raspberry at office, raspberry at home … :slight_smile:

bah - pecan pi is the only one worth EATING

Pecan is great indeed.

(real) Maple Syrup pie is unbelievable. It takes a whole can and one half just for a single pie. Not cheap, and so quickly gulped. And before someone asks, no the syrup is not liquid after being cooked. A bit of corn starch, plus the fact that it turned almost to toffee, makes it stay semi-solid in the crust. Some whipped cream can add to the decadence if one likes it. I prefer mine plain and simple.

OMG its been so long since I was at a sugaring off …mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I always thought that the Rpi logo looked more like a fuschia hand grenade than a raspberry.