The History of Typography (video)

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a 5 min stop motion video, worth watching.

Did you intend to include a link?

I included it as an embedded link - it shows up like this for me

Something is definitely not working right here. I’m using Firefox, and this is what I saw at first:

image one

Then I refreshed the page and got this:

image two

I just tried Chrome, and at least it shows a space where it should be, but still no embedded video:

image three

Finally, trying Safari produces the correct results. Very strange. This is all on OS X 10.8.4. Then I tried Firefox on WIndows, and it shows the same as Firefox on Mac, as shown above.

P.S. I included both embedded images and regular links above because my preview wouldn’t show the embedded images working, probably due to the same problem.

Works great here, Safari with Click to Flash (so the video plays in the regular Quicktime player as opposed to the dud player from youTube).