The great presentation of Xojo 2023r2

Wait, hold on. I postponed an appointment and freed up some time this afternoon, got some snacks and made coffee to watch a 37-second animation on YouTube. ?!?

17 new videos launched. You can see the full list here.


The video was an announcement of 2023r2’s release. There are a load of new informational videos, as Dana said, and there’s a webinar on the 29th August with @Geoff_Perlman about developing Android apps with Xojo. Xojo: Webinars and Videos on Xojo Programming


Add to the mix a lot of useful blog posts about the new release already available at :+1:


building apps for Android

that sounds interesting for vr glasses because they based on android os.
as example pico 4 or meta quest 2 and later this fall quest 3.