The “Extra” White Column in the ListBox is back !


I do not recall if this bug was squashed or not, but it is here. Watch the rightmost part of the screenshot below:

Direct link (in the case the image below will not let you the white column):

PS: Xojo, at the first occasion *, clears that white column.

  • when the need for a window redraw, Xojo clears the white column.

PPS: yes, I can remove the PushButtons and install a ToolBar, but time ellapse so fast…

Does not look like a bug, more like a coding error :wink:

And without seeing your code it is difficult to say anything.

Some people never learn…

What ColumnWidths did you specify?

Do you have the auto hide scrollbar feature turned on? I found it was doing that for me a few releases ago, so I just enabled scrollbars all the time for that control… Again, forcing the listbox to redraw caused that white column to disappear…


Are you looking for troubles ?

I have to experiment.

Note that the ListBox have an horizontal scrollbar (is meant to have: I have to check that back).

I understand, but I do not know how I can add a white column at the right part of the ListBox ;-:slight_smile:

[quote=178753:@Emile Schwarz]@Will Shank What ColumnWidths did you specify?
Then all columns would have the same width. You have set ColumnWidths – and probably made a mistake when doing so.

[quote]@Will Shank What ColumnWidths did you specify?
@Emile Schwarz None.[/quote]
The columns in your picture aren’t equal width so you must be specifying them somewhere, no?

On the other hand, what shao sean mentioned sounds like the situation.

The sum total of your columnwidths are LESS that the total width of the Listbox, plain an simple

quote=178754:@Emile Schwarz]Are you looking for troubles ?[/quote]
And threatening people how ever subtle, is not a good way to garner help on this form

Calm down guys, everyone of us has made mistakes or given incomplete information. And everyone of us has been told off at some point. No need to get into a fight over it.

If I do something foolush then I expect my FRIENDS to be the first ones to tell me off. Others might say “let him be a fool, I don’t care”, but friends will care enough to tell you when you are wrong.

So let’s assume we are helpful friends in this sense and not get riled by everything (especially considering the many non-native speakers here).

Emile had asked the same question months ago, insinuating it was a Xojo bug – it was not. He should have learned by now.

Well, I have asked the same question again too at times. Bad memory can be a curse. Be happy that you have a better one :wink:

I just turned 51. More and more I remember stuff from my childhood and youth – and I start to not remember important stuff from recent. Ah, the decline has begun…

I just became 66 and still never forget anything. My only problem is that the time it takes to remember things is getting longer and longer. :wink:

So you truly have random access to your memory.

Sound more like random latency memory :stuck_out_tongue:

Whippersnapper! (“Jungspund”) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve forgotten more than I now know … :wink: