The death of NSSharingServices

For those of us who remember earlier macOS versions; to add social media sharing services to your application, you had to roll your own. Then Apple added NSSharingServices in macOS 10.8, which made life so much easier, they broke it for 32-Bit apps in 10.10 and now they’ve deprecated all 3rd party functionality. So NSSharingServices will only work for Apple’s own services, Mail, AirDrop, Messages.

Which means it’s back to pre-2012 days, where we’ll now have to roll our own social media sharing functionality. I’d suggest following the threads on OAuth as that’s a good starting point.

Annnnnnd - Linux continues to look better and better … still offers OpenGL, Cuda, AND Vulkan, support for whatever video card that you want to throw at it, full Audio support, NATIVE Professional apps like DaVinci Resolve for M&E, high-grade server tools, your choice of hand-holding and Nanny security levels, your choice of look-and-feel, and Steam Play with Proton (uber-WINE) that allows the use of almost all Windows apps and many AAA games (I play Elite:Dangerous and the original Mass Effect trilogy regularly).

With the attention that Linux feedback reports have been receiving lately, I suspect that even Xojo is stepping up their Linux game.

Oh, and the latest Linux releases run fine on my Mac Pro 2,1 and a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro …

Just sayin’

as long as you’re willing and able to dive in to Terminal when you need to which is still far too often for the vast majority of people in the world - hence why “Year of the Linux Desktop” has been such a long running joke

if Microsoft would release Office for Linux, then it would be a big shift to linux on the desktop. I know several large customers that would be off of Windows on the desktop if it werent for Office. And running office under Wine is not something they are willing to do. And Microsoft knows this so they are doing what they can to keep a lock on their monopoly. I would run linux on my desktop but I need office. and the OpenOffice/LibreOffice doesnt cut it.

MS has no vested interest in seeing linux supplant Windows on the desktop at this time so I would not expect this to happen any time soon

Had the DOJ in the US broken MS into several business way back when they found MS to be a monopolist I suspect things would be readically different today as MS applications group quite possibly would have released on all targets and that would have resulted in a huge shift in the computing landscape

But that never occurred so MS will protect its businesses in ways that benefit them
And they dont even have to go out of their way to deliberately cause others harm to see that this remains this way

As you said [quote] I need office. and the OpenOffice/LibreOffice doesnt cut it.[/quote]
As long as the world remains addicted to Office the MS dominance is likely to persist (unless Open Office gets radically better but they are always playing catch up anyway)

But this IS drifting WAY off topic :slight_smile:

The current Office runs very well under Steam/Proton. You should try it. The client being stubborn about this just needs to be sorted by showing them that it is the same experience.

With the latest versions from the majors, there is little that a desktop user needs to do/access that isn’t available through the various UI elements. If you’re NOT a developer and NOT trying to run server services, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Manjero, Mageia, and OpenSuSE/SuSE Desktop (and others) all provide “terminal-free” experiences.