The Agony of Certificates and Profiles

After much effort, I have apparently gotten the development profile and certificate install correctly.

Distribution: No Go.

Using Xcode 11 and Xojo 19.3.

This process is seriously crazy.

Any clues much appreciated.

It would seriously help if you described what you already did. How do the certificate look like in XCode? Do you get an error when building? Recently there was a forum thread or 2 about app specific password that had to be redone.

I got 2 lovely messages “your certificates no longer will be valid in 30 days”. I’m so looking forward to renewing the certificates. Like a root canal…

@Beatrix: insomnia?

What I did this morning.

Opened up Xcode.
Went to Window->Organizer.
Selected Archives.
Found my app in the list on the left.
Clicked Validate App and got an error message about the version (of the app being wrong).
Went to Xojo.
Compiled (for distribution).
Got message resquesting keychain access. Entered my password.
Things succeeded in compiling.

That’s the good news.
The bad news is that I really have no confidence that anything I did solved the problem.

Hit me again today.
NOTHING I do will make Xojo compile and sign for the app store.
Ive created and downloaded provisioning , app store, ios development
Ive created an app with the same ID in Xcode, and enabled automatic signing
That builds quite happily.
Xojo just tells me I dont have an iOS distribution cetrificate.

Damn Apple.

Did you manually download the profiles from Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > Download Manual Profiles ?