It’s been a month since I started trialling Xojo for a new project.
Can I just say I’ve had so much fun!

Returning after a long absence is like coming home to an old friend.

Over the past month I’ve built an iOS app with associated administrator Web app and learnt some new things using:

  • DBKit controls and connectors
  • WebConnections requests with JSON
  • MapViewer, MapLocations and Routes with GeoJSON
  • Bootswatch and WebStyles
  • Remote notifications
  • Crypto
  • Charts
  • iOS Design Extensions

The apps will go into user testing next week and I am looking forward to my next projects, an Android app and a Desktop data analytics app.

Thanks to everyone in and around Xojo, especially on the forum for helping out! It’s been a blast!


Welcome back in the Xojo community!

Thanks Christian!


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