An open letter to Geoff and the whole Xojo team.

Sometimes Xojo gets a bad “rap” for not doing something that a few individual people want or not fixing a bug quick enough but I don’t think I see very many thanks in the forum posts.

I very much would rather work with a company like Xojo on a product where I feel much more intimately involved than Visual “whatever” from Microsoft where I simply disappear into the mass of users. Even when things move a bit slower because the development team does not have a few hundred members I like this better.

Now we are on the edge of having a 64 bit IDE. So thanks to the whole Xojo team for what you do and where you have taken this really cool software development tool from RealBASIC to Xojo in the last nearly 20 years.

Well said.

On behalf of the entire Xojo team, thank you Mark for your support. We can’t do it without users like you. Being able to work with all of you in partnership to make Xojo the best it can be is important to us. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We won’t always agree on the priorities but that comes with the territory when people work together. However, if we are all dedicated, passionate and above all, listening to each other, Xojo will continue to grow and enable people to create solutions they might not have thought possible.

For those of you who participate on the forum but have never been to XDC, it’s a great place to meet and get to know so many of the people, both within the Xojo team and in the community, that you interact with here on the forum. That’s honestly my favorite part of the conference, getting to know all of you better. XDC is not a moneymaker for us. That’s not why we do it. We do it because as great as the online community is, there’s nothing that replaces face to face. The conversations and camaraderie that happen at XDC are reason enough for us to do all the hard work necessary to make XDC happen.

As I said, I reach to maintain uptodate and add features to 11 applications in my spare times. Those applications are used by many users (distributed on MacUpdate). Thank you Xojo, I know people who give up to develop a single application with other development tool.

I would be happy to meet everybody at XDC but it’s too far away and too expensive (travel) for me.

same here… and I’m in the same country even :frowning:

You both can meet in Munich in September 2018.
And you missed Geoff in Berlin last May.

Thank you Xojo inc. for the great development tool Xojo is and your efforts to improve our favourite tool.

While not always agreeing, I do appreciate the hard work Xojo team put into it. I do recommend Xojo to others.

[quote=354965:@Christian Schmitz]You both can meet in Munich in September 2018.
And you missed Geoff in Berlin last May.[/quote]
I’m not sure it will be cheaper for Dave to fly to Germany instead of USA … :wink:

yeah… from San Diego to Austin is 1300 miles… from San Diego to Munich is almost 6,100
not to mention I could drive to Austin, and would have to fly to Munich, not to mention figure out how to deal in a foreign country (no thanks)

@Jean-Yves Pochez can drive to Munich. 6.5 hours drive.
Or take train or airport. Munich should be much easier than a flight to USA.

@Dave S Maybe you check where XDC 2018 is actually.

Gee… sorry… Denver is a whole 200 miles closer… that still doesn’t change the $900 entry fee… or hotel costs… etc…
I can’t afford to extend my current license… this is what happens when potential employers find you “too old” or “over-qualified”

I would like to add to this conversation and give a big thumbs up for Geoff and the team.

Last night I compiled a fairly large project for Raspberry Pi. It ran the first time without requiring any changes or tweaks :slight_smile:

Thank you for a great product and an exceptional helpful community.

I hate flying to ÙSA so opt for Munich next year. But … we also have London next month.

Just wanted to chime in here and also thank @Geoff Perlman and the Xojo team.

When you think about everything that the team has already accomplished and what they’re working on now, it’s incredibly impressive. Xojo is not only easy to use, but fun to work with. It empowers developers of all types, backgrounds, and interests to create just about any type of application that they’ve dreamed up.

I’m grateful to have Xojo as my primary development tool. It’s completely changed how I work and what I’m capable of developing. But most importantly, it’s renewed my joy and enthusiasm in developing software. And for that, I can’t thank them enough.