Just wanted to say thanks for a lot of people here. I mostly develop for internal stuff and but released something, small app for the Radio industry in Beta a year ago. I finally threw it over the cliff a week ago and released commercially for Windows and Mac.

Following on the advice from here, I submitted to the Apple MAS and it went through first time. Lots of errors I was able to avoid by reading stuff here and using Sam’s excellent App Wrapper.

I ended up using Fastspring for Windows & non MAS Mac users as they had a very good test mode (could not work out Paddle’s sandbox).

Nothing to set the world on fire, but useful in radio.

To all for answering questions, failing in Apple land before me & just good coders, Thanks.

Regards, Richard

@Richard Gorbutt,

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation for the people here who helped you. You are a verry gentle man.

I wish more people has the same style as you.

I wish you every success with your application and a lot of Xojo fun.

Friendly greetings,