Within a week, I bought the Argen, from @Bob Keeney, and ChartView, from @Jérémie Leroy … And I’m so happy, that I needed to make it public. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in recent times.

  • ARGen: I have a project, divided into two databases, which together have about 90 tables. It’s amazing the level of productivity achieved with the double ARGen / ActiveRecord. Really, it turn coding much more fun.

  • ChartView: I have used a lot of javascript charts in my applications for many times, even with good results, but nothing like a native solution with quality and easy to use as a tool of Jeremy.

Thank you both, for their effort to create such good quality products.

Not sure I’d call what ARGen does as ‘fun’ but it certainly takes much of the tedium and common mistakes out of database coding. Thanks for the plug!

Sounds like my definition of fun :smiley:

I bought the BKeeney Shorts Reporting module about 6 weeks ago. What a huge time saver, I’m able to duplicate the reports in an old VB6 program that used an ActiveX control. Great investment here as well.

My list of desires, to complete the arsenal:

  • A calendar control;
    Complete with various views, accepting Recordsets events and recurrent events;

  • A user manager;
    Need to manage passwords, access levels and permissions profiles;

  • An application installer to create Windows executables, from the Mac, as the Xojo generates executables…

On topic, I think important to highlight a job well done, after all, we know we do what we do because we like, not just for the money, right?

Any suggestions ? If they were cheap, it would be really amazing …

Calendar control I use the Jeremy Leroy calendar control ( and I can feed this from a recordset - indirectly, although Bkeeney also has a similar control. As for windows installer I use Innosetup ( and thats free and very easy to use. As regards a user manager I know of nothing.

Now to also look at Bkeeney shorts :slight_smile:

Thank’s Paul. I will take a look at Innosetup. About calendar, I’m testing Jeremy Calendar Control…

We’ve a good blog post on Windows Installers ( and we just added Smart Packer Pro X to the Third Party Store (!

Thank you Alyssa. I’ll take a look at the two …