Thanks to Greg and the guys at Xojo!

I wanted to drop a thank you note here to Greg O’Lone and the support staff at Xojo. I had a crash occur on my server and they were on the spot (even late at night) to help me diagnose it and fix it.

I emailed them at about 5PM, had a response that they were checking into it within minutes, a cause for the problem within a few more minutes, continued help even up til 11:00 PM at night, and a follow-up in the AM to make sure things were still okay.

For anyone else’s info, the error occurred because the hard drive on the server got completely full, someone tried to write data to a table at that moment and the table crashed. That prevented the database code from working. When I tried to query the table, received the message ‘Table crashed. It must be repaired’. It turns out that running ‘Repair Table dbname.tablename’ in a query fixes it in about 1 second.

Again, thank you so much, Xojo. You guys really saved me!