Thanks for the free Raspberry PI builder

Thanks Xojo. Didnt know it was free until I decided to check. Was expecting to pay for it. Appreciated!!

Creating a small app to update some software I have on DietPI.

As with my experience on the Linux side, its not exactly WYSIWYG (man, that word was big back in the day when it came to DTP. LOL). What I mean is I can create text boxes on a window but after compiling and running it on DietPi or even Linux x64, some of those textboxes are “cut off”. Takes some playing around to make it look right.

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Just thought I would mention this:

I don’t have Linux/Pi experience, but I think that this option should work instead of the GTK3 reference:

I read a Feedback case that say that option makes the app slower, so you will need to test.

Nah…that doesnt do anything for me.

Sorry it doesn’t work, this is what I read but I don’t have experience:

54117 Framework » Linux Added a new “Normalize Control Sizes” build option for Linux Desktop targets which normalizes all the controls widths/heights, removing any theme specific padding and adjustments to make controls on any Linux distro look similar without having to adjust the heights individually depending on theme/distro.