Thanks for the badge!

Thanks for the user of the month badge! … uhm, but where is it?

You should see it under your profile summary. Profile - Ben_D - Xojo Programming Forum

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OK, but it specifically has a link in both the email and the badge notification in the forum that links to Xojo Programming Forum and that is a completely blank page?

This award is only granted to two new users per month, and it will be permanently visible on the badges page.

Ah, gotcha. We’ll get it fixed, thanks.

I sure hope so and the sooner the better. After all, the world really ought to know that I’m a VIP! (obviously kidding)


Congratulations on your badge! :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this error to our attention, we have updated the text in the message to clarify where you can see the badge. As Gavin said, it’s visible on your user profile in the Badges section, as well as on your profile preview.

Uhm k, but the question remains: What is that page mentioned in the badge notification email for then? Xojo Programming Forum