Thank you Norman :)

You know, that bug that made the cursor jump to code when after creating a method and pressing Tab, instead of going just underneath to Parameters ?

Norman fixed it ! Just noticed.


Top … but what puzzles me is: Who created this bug at the beginning ? :slight_smile:

Seems sometimes the tab order can get confused and you have to reset it. An easy fix, but annoying when it happens.

It’s been here for a while. It was supposed to have been fixed back in 2015.

Oh if it had only been tab order…

Indeed, it seemed more vicious. Actually the cursor went just nicely from name to parameters as expected, but half a second later or so, jumped into the code area.

In which version is this bug fixed? This was seriously annoying.

Now, if Norman could tackle the bug that requires you to double-select the part of a renamed method you wish to edit because the text focus is ignored, my last personal frequently happening IDE annoyance would be gone too. Great work so far, Norman!