Thank you Christian & Anthony!

Just wanted to make a quick mention of how much I appreciate the Xojo community as well as how friendly and helpful we are to one another. There are two members of the community that I wanted to give Kudos too.

First, @Christian Schmitz

There have been many times over the years where I am searching for a solution where often more times or not, the search ends up with a plugin that Christian has written. Also, when I have questions about his plugins, he is always reachable via email, the forum, or his website chat client.

Second, @Anthony Cyphers

Anthony offers world-class modern UI classes for web and desktop that has become my defacto goto for my application UI. With minimal effort, I can implement his classes in my projects seamlessly thus allowing me to spend more time on the backend of my code rather than the front. Also, I did want to mention how fast Anthony is to respond to questions. I could have sworn the last time I emailed him, and he sent me back a three pages response in what seemed like seconds. I think he has an EPS plugin that he is not sharing with the rest of us.

thank you both and please keep doing what you are doing!

I couldn’t agree more! I use Xojo almost exclusively for web applications and I can honestly say that at least one plugin (usually several) from these two guys are in just about every app. Between the two of them their plugins make up for almost every function and control that Xojo is missing to be a true RAD.

I agree 100%… I’ve used @Anthony Cyphers classes in my web applications to save a lot of time and add a bit more professionalism to the functionality. Thank you!

I think it would be ok if you‘d have added links to their websites …

Because i could’nt agree more, here are the links :wink:

Monkeybread Software Xojo Plugins
GraffitiSuite for Desktop and Web Apps

[quote=407438:@Sascha S]Because i could’nt agree more, here are the links :wink:

Monkeybread Software Xojo Plugins
GraffitiSuite for Desktop and Web Apps[/quote]

I came here to do this. I was imagining a newbie all desperate trying to find out what are those add-ons so fantastic they don’t even need naming. :smiley:

Xojo would be quite limited without all the plugins. Other languages with a larger user base have many people working on functional libraries, but here we see how a very small group has created a large number of good plugins to achieve the same. I would also like to mention the Einhugur plugins. Especially as I work a lot with Excel files.

Seconded (thirded?) about both of these guys. They are very helpful and provide fantastic tools, quick response time, and top-notch results.

And they keep getting better every year!