TextOutputStream Performance Question

Hi everyone,

i have to write about 1-5 Million lines to a Textfile by using TextOutputStream (ts). Whats more efficient? To append each line to a array of Text (ta) and then use ts.Write(ta) or write each line via ts.WriteLine(line)? Which one has the better RAM performance?

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Usually, writing in chunks is fastest. But try it out yourself.

1 Mio line = 10power6 = 1 MB. Let’s assume you have 100 characters per line = 1 MB * 100 = 100 MB.

That’s doable in one go. Might be better to do a couple of chunks.

Thanks Beatrix. What are chunks and how to use them?

You need to start somewhere with the chunk size. 1 MB? And then vary it.

Regarding the useage of the chunks it really depends on how you store and access the data. In pseudo-code

dim TextArray(-1) as string for currentThing = 0 to ubound(Things) TextArray.append(Things.getText) if currentThing = 1000 then theBinStream.write(Join(TextArray)) redim TextArray(-1) next

You could calculate the size of the text in the and do the check with the sum of the sizes.

Thanks Beatrix. The data is stored in various SQLite tables and temporarily I create objects, which organize all necessary Data from the database. I will have a look forward. Thank you.