`TextInputCanvas` Windows 11 bug

Hi @Björn_Eiríksson.

I think there’s a major issue with DesktopTextInputCanvas on Windows 11 using the latest TextInputCanvas plugin version (1.2) and Xojo 2021 Release 3.

  1. Create a new desktop project in Xojo 2021 R3.
  2. Create a new subclass of DesktopTextInputCanvas and drag it onto Window1.
  3. Launch the app in Windows 11.

I get an error message dialog popup saying:

Runtime Error
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit.

Please report what cause this error along with the information below.

Common\plugin.cpp: 1002
Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry(entrypointName, out)
can’t find plugin method TextInputCanvas.ReloadEvents()

Should it be DesktopInputCanvas.ReloadEvents() instead of TextInputCanvas.ReloadEvents()?

Here’s a project showing the error.

No issues with macOS. Not tested on Linux.

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Plugin always contains both Desktop and Non Desktop version of the control since you could have App in Mixed mode where some Windows are old style and some in Desktop mode.

So the Method list could be giving error correctly from either one of them.

The Error more of hints that maybe the Windows segment as whole is not up to date.

I am guessing you got this error when cross compiling from Mac to Windows maybe ?

(Its possible you could avoid it for now by compiling from Windows Xojo, depending on just how much was missing in the segment)

Either way then likely new build of the plugin will need to be made.

Am a little bit furious at Xojo Inc at the moment so you likely wont see any builds of Xojo anything tonight or tomorrow.

Correct. I’m running the IDE on macOS and using remote debugger to Windows.

Sorry to hear that mate. There’s a lot going on with this release. Go for a walk. Have a beer maybe.

No rush. You build this plugin for free so I’m just grateful it exists at all.

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I got it filed and on schedule though so it wont get lost


Any idea on a timeframe for this bug @Björn_Eiríksson?

I’m hoping to open source a project that depends on it tonight/tomorrow but it doesn’t work on windows at the moment.

Its out now, hopefully it works.


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You are remarkable @Björn_Eiríksson! It works great. Thank you.

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