TextInputCanvas for 64-bit

As you may know there is an open source project called TextInputCanvas.

Recently I did a 64-bit port for a client.

You can load a copy on my plugin download page.

Updated source code is available for Xojo Inc. to update the official plugin soon. My plugin is build with my plugin build system, so it has MBS in the name and includes libraries for Mac, Windows and Linux including ARM, so you can use it in all projects. If you find a bug related to my 64-bit port, please tell me.

Congratulations Christian. This is brilliant. Thank you so much.


If so many say it’s excellent work, I get interested
Fetched it and look for documentation or a sample project, which I could not find somewhere.

Also, please thank your client who allowed its release…

I think the best use for it is Formatted Text Control.

I’m glad it got built & a download posted

Would be nice if there was a pull request to merge changes back in

Sorry, but I tried to make pull request, but failed, so I mailed it to Joe.
I can send you a copy Norman, if you like to have it.

Just get current code, copy current SDK and my code over it and commit.