Textfile template

I need a text file as a template with a few place holders which I would change at runtime and then save to disk.
of course I could read it in at runtime, but is it possible to have a template text file attached (inserted) to the UI and use it when required ?

What’s a good practice to do that ?

If you drag a text file into your project, it becomes a string constant. Is that what you need?

OS X have the concept of template files; I do not know for Windows 8.1.

yes Tim, it works exactly as I was thinking it could.
it looks like a link, is it now part of the application ? I don’t want to provide the file as well in order to work.

It is compiled into the application. It is a link in that if you modify the file before you compile, you will get the modified version compiled into your app. But beyond that, it is not a separate entity (on Windows - things are different on Mac).

thanks Tim