Textfields under Big Sur

Been doing some testing on Big Sur beta, and I’m very unpleased about the appearance of text fields on a ‘default’ window

There’s a line underneath but the top line of the border is all but invisible.
Anyone any tips about making a Mac window look clearer on this OS?

I do not see this here running the latest beta.

Well, I say default, I’m talking about modal windows.
I have literally installed the Big Sur beta today.

What version of Xojo are you using?

How often does fighting the OS work out for us?

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I might make an exception for the version of macOS called BS.

Good point. I WAS just about to upload a screenshot showing how bad this was.
Until I opened a few Apple dialogs and found they look exactly the same.
I guess somebody at Apple thinks what they have wrought is aesthetically pleasing, but jeez… :frowning:

Its not quite so bad if the textfield has focus rect turned on… at least you can see what you are typing into. But hey… Apple didn’t on their dialogs…(Startup Disc preferences for example)

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I bet you are in Dark Mode

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