TextFields/Controls on top of a background image

I’m sure it’s pretty simple (once you know how to do it). Let’s see if I can explain: I have an image that gets loaded into a Canvas to display the background of a window. The piece of software is a bit technical, it calculates the different airspeeds based on the altitude of an aircraft and the outside air temperature; all results are to be displayed on top of an of an EFIS (one of those multitasking displays inside a cockpit) and I’d like to have textfields placed in the right places. My problem is I cannot copy & paste the image in the canvas while building the window so I have to guess where to place the textfields/controls and fine tune their position by trial and error. it works but takes an enormous amount of time.
There is for sure a better (and simpler) way to do it, only I didn’t figure out how.
I’ll be glad for any help. Thank you

If it’s a static image, you can set the canvas Background property in the IDE to get a preview of the image in the IDE.

Windows does not like overlapping controls, so be aware that you may not get desirable behavior from your app on Windows.

Thank you. It’s ok since I’m writing a Mac app only.

I tried and, well, it was simple enough. The only thing is I had to rescale the picture via Photoshop to fit the canvas. Is it the normal way to do it or is there a coded way?

Off the top of my head I don’t know how well that will all play together with high resolution so some experimentation might be required. You can scale images with the scaling ability in DrawPicture but then you’re going to lose the in-IDE preview.

This may be an ideal application for RubberViews. Take a look at Michel’s website @ http://rubberviews.com/