TextField TextChange event doesn't fire on Linux

I just noticed that the TextChanged event of a TextField doesn’t fire on Linux. Regardless of whether the change occurs via typing or pasting, the event does not fire.

Since I ONLY have the TextChanged event added to the control, do I need to add KeyDown and return False?

17r3 and 18r2 on multiple Linux distros.

Anyone else seeing this?

Autocorrect strike again - TextChange event …

Is no one else using the TextChange event in a TextField on Linux?

We are… but with Xojo < 2017r2 - not with Xojo/GTK-3 :wink:

I’ve installed Xojo 2018r2 in Fedora 28, added a textfield and event TextChange with



With Gnome 3 it stalls when trying to run even a empty application (just window)

With Cinnamon it works and the MsgBox is displayed when I type and when paste / cut into the field.

It works fine under OpenSUSE Linux too… both using Xojo 2017r3 and the current one (64 bits).