TextField or PushButton in Window Titlebar

Is it possible to place a TextField or PushButton in a Windows Titlebar?
And if yes, how please. Can’t find anything in the Forum nor the Docs.
Thank you.

I don’t think so.
If you need it, the only thing I can imagine is using a Plain Box window, and draw the titlebar yourself, including whatever you like. But most probably this is not what you are looking for.

Yes - on macOS
Declares or plugins are required

This is possible on Windows, but it takes some work with declares unless you wish to draw a custom titlebar. CodeProject has an example here for doing this with the Win32 API.

I’d add a sample bit of code, but subclassing and handling the window messages is a bit involved.

I think MBS Plugins come with an example doing this.

MacCocoa/View in Titlebar


[quote=492831:@Christian Schmitz]MacCocoa/View in Titlebar


Thank you @Christian Schmitz but i would need a solution for Windows OS. :slight_smile: