TextField Minimum Digits?

is it possible to enforce a minimum amount of characters in a TextField?

I need my users to have to enter at least 2 numbers into a TextField. More digits are fine, but they must not only enter a single digit.

I have looked at the mask property and the language reference, but can’t seem to find what I need.

Thank you all in advance.

simply add LostFocus Event to your Textfield, where you check the Text.Lenght Property.
Use the mask only if you need pre-formated text or digit formats.

Can’t seem to find a TextField.text.length property in the language reference??

.Text returns a String, which in turn has a .Len Property.

Sub LostFocus() if me.Text.Len < 2 then MsgBox "Please enter at least 2 characters" me.SetFocus end if End Sub