TextField dropdown menu (macOS 11)

If you set the TextField password property enabled, you see a ‘passwords’ dropdown menu in macOS11
I do not see a way to disable this dropdown menu. Any ideas?

Nope, don’t see the Passwords dropdown:

It is automatically in macOS11 - you do not need to right click … just make the TextField active and it will show the drop down.
It’s new macOS 11 feature but in some cases I rather do not see it popup.

Nope, I don’t get a dropdown. Do you have 1Password or something similar installed?

No … it’s basic macOS 11 feature. If you use a NSTextfield in Xcode you see the same thing.

Then why don‘t you simply disable password field?

Me.password = False

and deal with bullets and keys yourself?

Perhaps it’s SDK related? Try building for ARM and see if that build shows the password menu.

Setting Password = true in Xojo changes the NSTextField to a NSSecureTextField which has additional security features. Faking this yourself puts your users at risk. I strongly recommend against faking this one.

It’s for both Intel and ARM on macOS 11

You are kidding, right? You must be. :wink:

It is.
Anyhow, the default behaviour for macOS 11 on this is actually great (you have access to keychain passwords). But in some cases it is not always advised to see that dropdown menu.
I have to say, at first glance, NSSecureTextField does not have a way to disable it either.

I still haven’t a clue how you make that dropdown. It doesn’t show for me in Xojo 2020r2 with a fresh project.

Not all features of Big Sur are available to Xojo made Intel apps. The following article shows you how to enable this with App Wrapper 4. Scroll down to the "Unified Titlebar and Toolbar.

The dropdown is shown with the default Xojo Textfield with password enabled for both Intel and ARM. No declares or whatsoever is used.

Well, no. I don’t see the dropdown. At all.

i see the dropdown on my textfield with password on my M1 macbookpro…
wonder why some see them… and some don’t